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Paradise Ranch is an environmental project design to educate children and the general public on protecting the environment and saving wildlife. it is located on the hills of Clark Air Base, with fog and temperature comparable to Tagaytay and Baguio, a million dollar view of the entire Clark Zone, surrounding cities and towns, overlooking the Sacobia River, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Arayat and other mountains and majestic sceneries for everybody to enjoy without and membership!

Perfect for: Field Trips, Vacations, Retreats, Campings, Team Buildings, Garden Weddings, Birthday Parties, Conference and other events.



Paradise ranch in Clark Pampanga has a clear advocacy for assisting AmerAsians (half Americans and half Asians) to reunite with their long lost mothers or fathers who are US citizens. They get financial support from their organization based in Sacramento California. As part of their advocacies, another objective of the organization is to employ the native Aetas who live in a community surrounding the ranch. They are good workers very much dedicated well-skilled on farming and raising crops. Some AmerAsians speak fluent English language so they are effective on serving as tourist guides for ranch guests. During the holidays, when school is off, Paradise ranch in Pampanga Philippines also extends support to the students wanting to have part time jobs working at the ranch to support their parents and siblings. You will notice a very friendly atmosphere when you stay at the ranch, superb service since the team of workers adheres to the guests’ standards. They are very approachable and reliable which will definitely make the guests feel at ease.

When you stay in an area overlooking the entire Clark Zone,   you get the chance to have a scenic view of Sacobia River, Mt. Pinatubo, and Mt. Arayat among others. This place is the ideal venue for field trips, family vacation time, team buildings or workshops/seminars, camping, garden weddings, retreats, conferences and other events that require a very good ambiance conducive for relaxing the mind and body. This is a perfect place for Hiking, Nature tripping, sight seeing when you want to get away from the city life and feel at one with nature for a while.


An overnight stay at one of the Villas would be a remarkable experience considering the amenities worth the budget like the satellite TV, the hot shower in the bathroom, the air-conditioned rooms and the modern setting for the kitchen and living room, as well as the scenic foggy view at the back area of the villa overlooking from the cliff with picnic tables and ornamental plants.



Vista Montana Pool, 100 per head, open 9am  – 3pm, 3pm-8pm for night swimming

Design Crocodile, dolphins, dinosaur with shower fountain.

Beside the pool are cottages, 1,000 rent for the whole day others are 500 or 750

10% service charge for villas.



Since the farm yields fresh crops, expect native food to be their main dishes… but guests can still request for any continental food whenever necessary.




Raft, 20 pesos for the ride inclusive of food to feed the fish on the lake


In the afternoons, the butterflies rest and they wake up around 6am

Free entrance, videoke at Butterfly Hop (souvenir shop)


Zoocobia is located inside Paradise Ranch, Sacobia, Clark, Pampanga. It is a popular destination for educational tours with the following attractions: Menagerie, Birds of Paradise, Philippines Pride, Garden Maze, The Barn and Kids World.

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Paradise Ranch Package

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